Major Achievements in Science & Medicine

Errungenschaften der Naturwissenschaft und Medizin

Réalisations en sciences et médecine

Pierre Eugène Marcelin BERTHELOT


Born in Paris, Berthelot proposed a thesis about synthesis of fats and the constitution of glycerine and thanks to this, he had his doctorate in 1854. In 1856 he managed to synthesise the first hydrocarbons : the methane and other like benzene, butane in the following of his works. He worked also with explosives and dyestuffs and on the heat produced by chemical reactions. Thus he created the thermochemical.

I chose this chemist because he was the first one to discover the synthesis of many organic substances. He was very logical and cortesion because he back the theory about the question that organic coumpounds could be created only from living organisms.

The origins of alchemy (1885)

Practical creatise on chemical (1883)

Experimental enquiries (1901)